Friday, 27 February 2009


Not much happening atm

Monday, 16 February 2009

the mystery tour

Here's some pics i got yesterday after an amazing birthday day out courtesy of my amazing Fiancee. My birthday was actaully saturday but she wasnt off till yesterday












loch lomond mono

seagulls on the loch 2

seagulls on the loch

loch lomond 3

loch lomond 2

loch lomond

maid of the loch




Monday, 9 February 2009

vanity strikes

Not really a big fan of getting my picture taken i'm more behind the lens sort of person but i have to admit to kinda liking this pic taken by my Fiancee with her lovely nokia n95 8gb camera phone.


the early bird

Got up this morning with the plan of going to the local fields nearby to take some bump pictures of my 6 month pregnant fiancee in the snow. We got some good shots although they will probably need to be edited as snow is a bugger to photograph and has caused the pics to come out all grey.

Also noticed an annoying smudge on all the of pictures which has been traced to a smudge on the lens (note to self clean lens)

Will stick up pictures later when i have fixed them.

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Working today and for some reason the theme to pinky and the brain (dont ask) suddenly came into my head which got me thinking about other stuff from the 80's, which then made me wish i was young again ahhh for the good old days

Preparing for the long slog

Once again saturday is here, the day i do my 10 hour shift. Most people reckon i'm crazy doing it but i dont mind it's only one day a week and it helps me keep on top of things with trucks and deliveries and where everything should and shouldnt go.

There are ways at work of basically going one step further up the ladder and i keep thinking is it something i'd like to do and is is something i'm able to do.  I supose asking the right people for some advice is the way to go.

We have a thing called stepping stones which is a way to going from store collegue to a department manager. It is sometthing that does appeal to me but i dont think i'm ready for it just yet, maybe in another 2 or 3 years.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Getting impaitent

Went  to visit a friend from work yesterday to see his new born (well 2 and half week old) son.  Was really nice seeing him and made us more impaitent for may to get here so we can finally hold our own baby after almost 3 years of trying.

I'll admit the prospect of being a dad does scare me a little but i intend to grab the bull with both horns so to speak and get stuck right in.

sleep or lack thereof

spent most of last night lying in bed restless, so decided to get up for a bit  spent an hour farting about on laptop trying to restore some programs and stuff and playing driver 2.

Finally got back to bed hour and a half later, managed to get to sleep until the hammering and drilling started from the workmen fitting the windows in upstairs flat. So glad ours were fitted last week.

Really hoping todays shift at work will be an easy one without any hitches although saying that i've probably just jinxed myself.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

the first post

Not that big on blogging but figured what the hell everyones at it  lets jump on the bandwagon.

My Name is Rob  i live in Glasgow almost 34 years old (oh i'm so old) work at ASDA in the warehouse emptying the big trucks  

I'm a big transformers fan just wish i had a big collection although i supose 14 is an ok number

well thats all for now